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In Saudi Arabia the woman who will begin to dig in the husband's phone is threatened by prison!

Hands off someone else's phone!

to Check the husband's phone - a sacred duty of each wife, Independent writes. But only not in Saudi Arabia!

In the country have adopted the new law on fight against cyber crime. He is designed "to protect honor of both the certain person, and society in general".

From now on in Saudi Arabia is forbidden to study information in phone of the wife or husband without them on that consent. Such intervention in personal space of the spouse or the spouse will be punished by a large penalty or prison term.

is said In the statement of the Saudi ministry of information: "The spouses planning to spy one after another in Saudi Arabia have to think twice. Such activity can potentially cause a penalty of 500 000 rials (133 000 US dollars and 108 000 euros) together with prison for a period of 1 year". According to the government, the law purpose - "protection of moral of people and society and also protection of personal privacy".

But the international human rights organizations have criticized such innovations. According to them, the state introduces similar laws to fight with discordant in Internet space. we Will remind

: more than a half of citizens in Saudi Arabia - young people aged up to 25 years, all of them are active users of social networks and mobile applications where there are no official restrictions and traditions.

Earlier human rights activists have criticized the law thanks to which intelligence agencies of Saudi Arabia have got access to personal data of users of social networks and their phone calls.

B in the country at the legislative level was forbidden to call 2014 the people for change of the mode on social networks. Such actions have equated to act of terrorism.

What you think of such innovation? Whether you agree with him?

of Lazarenko Yuli.



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