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In Russia there was a new type of extortion - money for that on you not? knocked?

In Russia there was a new type of extortion - money for that on you not? knocked?
Extremist? there can be everyone!

in Russia users of social networks even more often judge Recently for posts. Quite real prison terms can be received for an innocent meme in which police "experts" will find "signs of kindling of discord" or "insult of feelings of believers".

Is clear that many people are frightened. Also there are those who earn from it!

Thematic Telegram channel "You Will Sit Down at Like" has published screenshots of correspondence of two girls in VKontakte.

One of them extorts from another $150 in bitcoins for the fact that it "will forget" an unreliable repost. Otherwise the shantazhistka threatens to write the application in the Center of counteraction to extremism.

Is noted that correspondence is provided by the lawyer of the victim and is published from her consent.

These screenshots:

As has appeared, this case - not single. Here what was written in a consequence by authors of the channel: "Right now we are written by people from whom they extort money for not denunciation of their reposts or pictures of VKontakte.

Extortioners are coordinated on a dvacha [the Russian system of forums Two. w] also write the victims from the VK page.

in case of lack of payment, they threaten to write the application through a form of addresses on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and even give a screenshot with the adopted statements. 15 minutes ago I have asked

the director of VK Andrey Rogozov whether they are going to undertake something in this regard - for example to write the application to the police, but haven't received the answer.

of VK quickly and silently can only merge your data". It was to be expected...

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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