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In Rostov will present the device with a rat for 5-minute diagnosis of cancer

Operation of the device with a rat for diagnosis of cancer in two-five minutes will be presented to medical community in Rostov-on-Don on Tuesday, reported RIA Novosti in the Fund of Perspective Researches (FPR).

As was reported earlier to the agency by the deputy CEO - the area manager of chemical and biological and medical researches FPI Alexander Panfilov, the Russian scientists first-ever created the device with a rat inside by means of whom they could find lung cancer and tuberculosis at an early stage.

"On Tuesday in Rostov-on-Don will take place demonstration of operation of the hardware and software which allows to reveal on the exhaled air lung cancer at early stages, at the same time, is spent for the procedure of inspection from two to five minutes", - it is said in the statement.

As was specified in fund, by means of a rat it is possible to establish risk of cancer at the first and second stages concerning which surgical treatment is considered full and timely with efficiency five times bigger, than with application of the available modern methods and means.

"The system has no world analogs, and, thanks to automation of the procedure of inspection, allows to carry out large volumes of works on medical examination of the population", - Panfilov said.

In fund was also specified that the unique technology is developed within the FPI joint project, Southern Federal University and the Rostov research oncological institute of the Ministry of Health.

"Sensor" as a part of the developed hardware and software acts a small laboratory animal - a rat. Special microelectrodes which allow to fix the biorhythms which are formed as a result of impact on olfactory receptors of a rat of markers of the oncological diseases developing in the air exhaled by the person are implanted to an animal in advance", - told in fund.



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