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In Poroshenko's headquarters said that precinct election commissions will be completed until the end of day on April 15

All precinct election commissions in Ukraine will be completed until the end of day on April 15. It at a briefing was said by the adviser of the campaign headquarters of the president Petro Poroshenko Oleg Medvedev, the correspondent of the GORDON edition tells.

It noted that there are no problems with formation of 199 district electoral commissions.

"According to my information, as of 00:00 will be a complete set of members of the commissions... What was made by us? We in the second round offered about 100 thousand members of the commissions and observers. It seems, 70 thousand members of the commissions were offered. Difficulties with formation were because the commissions are formed on the volunteer beginnings", - Medvedev told.

It emphasized that it is difficult to find volunteers for work in the commissions.

"Here passes a training of people who have to as volunteers to work to WICK. Some anonymous author calls, there come the police, say: here "grid" works for you. It bothered people, people do not want to go. It is difficult to look for volunteers. Because the one who wants to work as either the member of the commission, or the observer right there runs into groundless statements that they allegedly are going to bribe voters, and are members of some "grid", network or Masonic lodge or religious sect", - the representative of the headquarters Poroshenko said.

according to Medvedev, the situation does not indicate desire to disrupt elections.

"Behind it is not necessary any aspiration to disrupt elections. Even if it, God forbid, would be, it could not be realized because the legislation directly confers responsibility for formation of district police officers of electoral commissions on district election commissions. They are engaged in it now. That who about it endures who suspects that it somehow is connected with something, with the absent aspiration to disrupt elections, the only council - to come to district electoral commissions where in precinct election commissions there are not enough people and to offer the services as volunteers. But once again I emphasize: there is no problem because I have absolute information that vacancies will be filled today within a day and as of morning tomorrow you will see that all local electoral commissions are fully completed and prepare for carrying out vote on April 21", - he told.

the first round of election of the president of Ukraine took place on March 31. According to official data of the CEC, for the candidate for president, the showman Vladimir Zelensky 30.24%, voted for Petro Poroshenko seeking reelection - 15.95% of voters. The second round of elections will take place on April 21.

the Central Electoral Commission stated today that in 33 of 199 constituencies precinct election commissions are not created yet. On April 15 - the last day to make lists of members of the commissions.

On the page of the command of Zelensky in Facebook the statement was published that the lack of people of precinct election commissions can demonstrate attempts to break the second round of presidential elections.



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