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In ORDLO noticed: Putin began to make a reservation, is not built, pathetic, looks morally rumpled, and, the main thing, promises nothing to "the independent republics" any more

In occupied territories of Donbass, in "L/the DPR" began to ask a set of questions, the patience hands over

"Recently it is even pleasant to me. Yes, it is pleasant to me ВВПук in that stage of a deep ofigevaniye and an okhreneniye in which it stays already as few months", - the famous blogger Olena Stepovaya writes in the post.

of Stepovaya noted that at last on his behavior there is obvious the fact that the situation in Russian-Ukrainian "question" got out of the Russian hand. Putin became the hostage of a situation now as once there were we. Inhabitants of ORDLO paid attention to it even. It began to make a reservation, is not built, pathetic, looks morally rumpled, and, the main thing, its promises went around, that is it began to repeat as he has nothing to tell, there is nothing to promise, there is nothing to give.

according to the Russian leader, Moscow is not going to introduce reciprocal restrictions for citizens of Ukraine, and on the contrary, will simplify migration regime for them.

"We will go on the way of liberalization of stay of citizens of Ukraine in Russia and simplification of obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation if someone wants it", - Putin told.

of V ORDLO began to ask after that many questions:

"For the fifth year of war, well, though something and who we are, LPR and DPR for Putin, Ukraine or "republics"? Why to citizens of Ukraine privileges and the accelerated procedures, and to us, "citizens of the republics" nothing? Why in Putin's performances "the help to the people of Donbass", "the help to residents of Novorossiya", the help to citizens of LPR and DPR why "the help to citizens of Ukraine", and we who, we where, we what for does not sound? "
But not always to suffer
, sometimes pink glasses burst and it is necessary only to look open eyes and to see unenviable reality:

"In ORDLO each its vvpukanye is discussed week. Well, here told, kissed us in темячко, told just about, and here in this his look so many that only the fool will not understand, to pabagaty already tomorrow. With each pustozvonny vvpuk inhabitants of ORDLO hmurnet. If the first vvpuk caused victorious fireworks in consciousness of "navaros", then the last only anger. Inhabitants of ORDLO began to see a difference between the told and made VVPUK, it is good" - the blogger writes.

Elena notices that understanding of that comes more and more:

"Donbass was necessary to the Russian Federation as the hole absorbing resources of Ukraine, but not as the new federal district; that Putin needs no mines of Donbass, in Gukovo the same anthracite, the same depth of layers, all mines are closed as unprofitable; and furthermore Putin does not need miners of Donbass, at it the lumpen, bury, you do not perekhoronit; if Putin needs Donbass, then with a population minimum, for deployment of nuclear warheads, army and continuous threat for Europe. To such the ground for test of our nerves and a military resource of the Russian Federation".

That is, the Russian Federation can reduce in a flash all financing to drive out of ORDLO civilians, and can just unload all chemical and nuclear waste there, flood with the Russian lumpen, weapon, can close the borders д



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