Date: 4 months ago   Category: Incidents

In Omsk the inept owner of an iguana brought that to almost death and threw out on cold

This thermophilic exotic lizard needs not the simplest leaving. Otherwise she from the house favourite easily turns into the disabled person.

In Omsk the owner of an iguana brought that the inept leaving to almost death. After that it did not find anything the best how to get rid of a reptile. He thrust it into a box and threw out on cold.

the Unfortunate animal was revealed on a threshold of one children's club. Workers of an institution note that the iguana had absolutely stiffened state. They even could understand not at once whether still that is alive.

On recovery of an iguana was required several weeks what required the help of the veterinarians working in Omsk. Those reported that the condition of a reptile threw them just in shock.

of Prichina of it became inept leaving. The iguana did not receive either ultra-violet heating, or bathing. As a forage, most likely, carrots, cabbage, porridges, cottage cheese and so forth were applied. They do not contain calcium in necessary quantity which is very necessary for a reptile.

turned out to be Consequence emergence of the metabolic disease of bones causing spontaneous changes. Further there are problems of work of intestines and a bladder. When the owner of an iguana the wrong leaving brought an animal to crisis state, decided to throw it in a half-dead look to "kind people".

such were In Omsk. In spite of the fact that at an iguana obvious disability, Mercury (so now her name is) sheltered in a contact zoo where for its contents there are all conditions.



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