Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

In Odesshchina the SSU detained the head of a regional military registration and enlistment office for bribery

Security service specialists of Ukraine exposed on a bribe of the chief of one of regional military commissariats of Odessa region.

report about it in the press service of the SSU.

Employees of the SSU established that the major demanded six thousand US dollars from the head and two employees of private enterprise. Men are subject to mobilization as reservists in the conditions of the declared martial law. the major promised "to resolve by

For these means an issue" on mobilization.

Law enforcement authorities detained the military commissar in an office office during receiving a part of a bribe.

of the SSU together with military prosecutor's office worked on detention//the Photo: The SSU

investigative actions continue Now.

of Whom can mobilize during martial law? During the meeting of the NSDC the president said that the decision on introduction of martial law "does not provide immediate mobilization; but the corresponding work with a reserve of the first stage will be carried out". In the law which was adopted by Rada it is specified that "partial mobilization appears the President of Ukraine in terms and in volumes according to threats of national security and defense of Ukraine". An operational reserve of the first stage are already skilled soldiers who precisely know what they need to do. It is possible to specify the data if you know that you are a part of an operational reserve, and control to check contacts of a military registration and enlistment office/part. And to follow the developments.



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