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In Nikolaev Pushkinskaya St. it is blocked: 5 cars collided

In the afternoon on Monday, November 26, on the intersection of streets Pushkin and Shevchenko in Nikolaev there were two accidents at once.

should noting At once that the traffic light does not work at this intersection since the morning.

In the first accident faced the Chevrolet Captiva, Kia Ceed and Nissan Primera cars.

of "KIA" moved on Shevchenko St., from Faleevskaya St., in the direction of Navarinskaya St., "Chevrolet" moved in the counter direction on Shevchenko St. "Nissan" went on Pushkinskaya St., from Potemkinskaya St., in the direction of Centralny Avenue. According to the girl driver of the KIA car, she came out to the intersection, cars were not there. "Nissan" in full operation crashed into this moment in her. From blow of "KIA" cast away on "Chevrolet".

as a result of road accident suffered the driver of "KIA" - physicians of the arrived "ambulance" render it incident on-site assistance. All three cars sustained mechanical damage.

through some time happened On the same intersection one more accident - VAZ-2170 of "Prior" and the MAN truck tractor collided with the semi-trailer.

VAZ moved from the Pushkin ring, in the direction of Potemkinskaya St. At the intersection the driver braked, having been lost in contemplation of the happened accident and in this in it "MAN" behind drove.

as a result of this road accident nobody suffered, both cars sustained mechanical damage.

Because of at once two accidents and the unemployed at this intersection of the traffic light movement along Pushkinskaya St. was completely blocked. The impressive stopper stretched from Ingulsky Bridge on Centralny Avenue in both directions.

work At the place of accidents three crews of patrol force at once.



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