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In Network the rare photo of young Pugacheva with Moiseyev has appeared

The producer has shown the picture of the Prima donna of an era of the Expression trio.

In the picture are imprinted Alla Pugacheva and three participants of dancing collective. Two young women and Boris Moiseyev have got into the shot.

In the young man in a wrinkled panama is quite difficult to recognize Moiseyev, however it he. The photo was published on the page in Instagram by the former producer of the cult group "Tender May".

according to Andrey Razin, in what the Expression trios have noticed in the late Soviet show business was his merit: Razin has presented dancers to Alla Borisovna.

"On a photo Alla Pugacheva and the Expression trio, 1986, - Razin has told. - I have insisted that on backup dancers I had this trio from the city of Riga. After display on the central television they were noticed by Alla Pugacheva and has invited to shooting "Has come and I speak" Borya Moiseyev with Lola and Luda have moved to Moscow and have successfully promoted".

has passed more than thirty years Since then. Boris Moiseyev has endured career take-off and national glory. However 8 years ago he has had a stroke and since then hasn't up to the end recovered. He well feels and has completely changed a way of life, however doesn't want to give concerts with former intensity any more.

Edition to an uznayvsa. the Russian Federation reminds also that Alla Borisovna has also left a big scene. It has occurred when she was 60 years old. Pugacheva has devoted herself to the husband and children, twins Harry and Lisa five-year-old already. The day before she has shared video on which little Lisa dexterously rotates a hoop. Subscribe by

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