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In Moscow there will take place the Festival of design and digital art of OFFF

"We who tries to change something have to be at one"

the Legendary international festival of design, digital art and a creative of OFFF comes to Moscow and will take place on May 16 and 17, 2019. The Skillbox online university, the venue - became the organizer of an event.

of OFFF are conferences and performances from the main world professionals of the creative industry: designers (web, product, motion, sound, graphics), artists, developers and visionaries.

"Can be spoken about methodologies, cases and indicators as much as necessary. But personally meanings and collaborations are important for me. We who tries to change something have to be at one. And for this reason we do OFFF - for partnership which give rise to new meanings, and for inspiration which moves all of us forward". Speakers of OFFF Moscow 2019 Google: Burton Rast |

Burton Rast is a writer, the teacher, the mentor and the former art director of the IDEO design agency, and today - the designer conducting UX in Google, California. In Google Rast works on Google the Assistant and applies the principles of chelovekocentrichny design both to the product, and to the user experience. Marina Esmeraldu (Brazil) |

the Artist and the illustrator from Brazil, lives and works between London and Barcelona. It practised fashion, music, was published and cooperated with the known brands, such as: Google, Tumblr, Stella McCartney, H? agen-Dazs, the Washington Post, Wired, Women’s March and others. The purpose of creativity of Marina - support and protection of women's rights worldwide, and its illustrations are always explosion of color and wit.

On OFFF Moscow of Esmeraldu will share experience as every time anew to fall in love with the projects, not to be afraid to change professions and to endure crisis of middle age. Future Deluxe: James Kellakhan and Felix Chilvers (London) |

Future Deluxe is the London creative studio. Children say that they create innovative creative content at the heart of which - design, technologies, dynamic images and continuous experiments. They cooperate with Apple, adidas, BBC, Beats by Dre, Disney, Intel, Jordan, Nike and, apparently, never stop in the experiments. DEVICE: Ibran Trassiyerra and Marcelo Buselli (Barcelona) |

Team of directors, illustrators, animators and musical composers famous for the stylistic variety and technical capacities. Except Device, they also created All in Pixel studio which specializes in pixel animation. Digital Alchemy & CERN: Laura Coûteaux Rozado and James Bichem (Geneva) |

Laura Coûteaux Rozado is a developer of products and the media designer from Geneva. Its works go beyond a usual dichotomy of form / function and habitual dogma of "the solution of problems". It works in a tandem with doctor James Bichem whose tool - a Large Hadron Collider in CERN, - and collaborations such are still unique today. It’s a Living: Ricardo Gonsale



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