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In Moscow the anti-conference on sales in the digital-market of d$anticonf 2019 will take place

Create the personal strategy of sales and own scenario of development of the company. An anti-conference about all that occurs in digital right now.

Distinctive feature of an event - group participation in the stratsessiyakh under the leadership of leading experts of the market and the invited facilitators. The future business rivals PR-agency and the Association of the Interactive Agencies (AIA) act as organizers of an anti-conference.

of d$anticonf 2019 will take place on May 21-22 on the Omega rooftop platform. The specifics of an action consist in dense integration of the gained knowledge into the strategy of the company.

during the first day of an anti-conference directed to acquaintance to a subject from the agency party will perform real practicians - top managers and heads of the leading digital-agencies with a total turnover more than 20 billion rubles: Redmadrobot, Kokoc Group, CreativePeople, AGIMA, ADV, Notamedia, RUWARD, Skillbox, Onegroup, PINKMAN, Primax Digital, Spike, Tagline and many others. Speakers will tell about current trends in the market, the existing models and instruments of sales, advance methods, nuances of work with government institutions and foreign customers. Work with specially developed workbook which will help to correlate the obtained information to the personal business experience is necessary to participants at the event. Day will end with a netvorking and the informal Fuckup Night party.

the Second day of d$anticonf will begin with the research presentation about customer needs in digital which will become a basis for team work in the stratsessiyakh. The research is devoted to studying of aspects which influence emergence in clients of the need for service, formation of requirements to the contractor and the choice of the concrete agency. Brands - industrial leaders from the different industries took part in it: Panasonic, Estee Lauder, L'etual, MITs, Knight Frank, INVITRO, Yandex.Money, "Medicine", Raiffeisenbank, Hogarth and others.

participants will unite Further in groups on 10 people to sort problematic issues and to find ways of their decision. Each group will be supervised by the invited facilitators from the educational environment and top experts of the digital-market: founder of Redmadrobot Maxim the Tenth, managing partner of Articul Olga Kulikova, founder of ADV Alexey Persianov, owner of AGIMA Alexey Bogdanov, co-owner of Pichesky Nikolay Stepanov, COO Grape Mikhail Geysherik, managing partner of Skillbox Andrey Anishchenko, co-owner of Byurobyuro Evgeny Fontalin and others.

In the anti-conference final each participant will create the personal strategy of sales and own scenario of development of the company which will become natural result of two-day work on an action. "We seldom convert passively apprehended information into real advantage, - Evgeny Chernov, the managing partner of and the co-organizer of a conference notes. - So there was an idea of an action which will allow everyone to work problems of the company and to find own way of its development. We stopped on a subject of sales as it to a key aspa



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