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In Moscow incurably sick children are demanded to move: Nursery of an infection, detail and photo of cynicism

Against sick children Inhabitants of one of the Moscow houses made the appeal to Rospotrebnadzor
collect signatures against families with cancer patients by children who live in their entrance.

the inhuman position they motivate with the fact that, allegedly, cancer - an infectious disease.

Senior on an entrance appealed to residents to forbid to rent the cancer patient the apartment. The woman wrote to petitions that cancer is an infectious infectious disease therefore cancer patients threaten health of inhabitants of the house. "We collect by

signatures that we at an entrance had no oncology dispensary, cancer hospital. Cancer is an infectious infection, opened about 200 types! In apartment... cancer patients from different areas live. Everyone is ill the type of cancer. We have an infection nursery. And an infection on an infection - it is terrible...", - it is said in the address.

Also the woman calls all who do not want "a nursery of infections" to undersign for the house in the address which is at the concierge of an entrance.

the Ultimate goal - to achieve that the apartment was leased to other people.

Also the woman addressed with the complaint to Rospotrebnadzor.

opened Petition after it became known that owners of housing signed the contract with charity foundation. The organization provides the apartment to families with cancer patients children who come to Moscow on treatment in oncology center.

"E*anuty spawns", "and you represent if the truth at most gets out how she will believe in the beliefs?", "At dense ignorance a phobia", D*bila, "Nuclear electorate. Such it is necessary to protect", "you better pidor would rebel against drop which to you granted the right to die at work", "Again the wave of an e*auntizm covered Moscow", - comment in social networks. Earlier we reported

that the Moscow priest decided to buy "love" for money and became a laughing-stock.

the 38-year-old Russian priest in Instagram bragged of visits of expensive restaurants and purchases of branded
As the poor parishioners spending the last pennies for purchase of candles and donation on the temple could not estimate fashionable prikida of the priest, it needed to do nothing except how to bring the page to Instagram.

of a Gucci Shoe, a bag of Louis Vuitton, a photo from restaurant and business center "Moscow City". Users of network found such pictures in Instagram account of the person with the nickname archpriesttver. It became known that the page belonged to the manager of the Tver diocesan scientific library, the archpriest Vyacheslav Baskakov.




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