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In Melitopol "guest performer" from Kherson was sent under court

Pre-judicial investigation is completed by the Melitopol police station and sent to court the indictment against the previously convicted resident of the Kherson region which spread methadone drug. by

the Investigator of the Melitopol police station of Head department of National police in the Zaporozhye region pre-judicial investigation of episodes of criminal activity of the resident of the Kherson region 1993 year of birth is completed. we Will remind

that on March 10, 2019 in Melitopol the staff of criminal police of the Melitopol police station detained the man who was engaged in distribution of drug by bookmarks. During detention 1993 year of birth were revealed and withdrawn 14 parcels of a foil ("checks") with narcotic powdery substance from the resident of the Kherson region, cash cards, the mobile phone and a flash store.

Besides, on the same day police officers carried out a search in the place of temporary residence of the person involved and withdrew 17 parcels of a foil with narcotic powdery substance, the mobile phone, a notebook with the addresses of places of arrangement of narcotic substance.

Withdrawn was directed to examination in the Zaporizhia Research forensic center. According to the expert opinion the withdrawn powdery substance is methadone drug which turnover is limited.

during pre-judicial investigation by court for the suspect was chosen a measure of restraint in the form of detention.

is reported on April 25 to the malefactor about suspicion on signs of Part 1.2 of Article 307 (Illegal production, production, acquisition, storage, transfer or sale of drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogs). The indictment is sent by the investigator to local court for decision-making according to the current legislation. the Most strict sanction of article provides

up to ten years of imprisonment with confiscation of property, reports department of communication of police of the Zaporozhye region.



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