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"In marriage for Buzova": Hryniv and Korobkov will fight till it bleeds for Olga in the 4th episode

We have several proofs confirming a guess about a fight of participants of a romantic show in the following release. The most powerful of them was provided by organizers of the project in the first series. the Ending of the third episode "In marriage for Buzova" left to

the viewer with a set of the intriguing questions and the unresolved conflicts. Evgeny Pesennikov was linked to Sergey Zelensky because of a habit of the last everywhere and to order everything. "Host" I have heard couple of "tender" words then men have ceased even to look towards each other from the enemy. Less rigid quarrel which more serious consequences we will see already in the 4th episode has taken place between Buzova's ex-favourite Alexander Hryniv and the main riddle of the project Valentin Korobkov. Our edition doesn't doubt, in a week the photographer and the businessman will fight for Olga till it bleeds.

Having remained alone with Korobkov at "a ceremony of kisses", Hryniv has grown bolder and the vis-a-vis has begun to complain of criticism from other participants. It isn't pleasant to Alexander that applicants for Buzova's heart sneer at him behind his back, calling the photographer "pikaper", Juliette and other offensive nicknames. Valentin hasn't trembled and has stated to Hryniv the vision of the situation.

"As was shown by practice and experience of the last two days, Sasha not too professional temper", - has ironically spoken Korobkov.

also testifies their current status on the project To the outlined fight of the photographer and businessman. Valentin, being the main riddle "In marriage for Buzova", I have got from Olga the last chance of disclosure and an exit from a shadow. Alexander, as show prompts testify, won't leave him in the 4th episode. Probably, the singer has indeed become attached to the photographer, closing eyes to, apparently, inexcusable jambs. Guys poorly prove in competitions therefore they should look for other ways for Olga's conquest. Buzova loves when for her fight, figuratively this word, however Hryniv and Korobkov won't have choice except how to start a real fight with blood and, considering nearly hatred of participants to each other, the beaten-out teeth.

I, at last, the most powerful proof of future fight of Alexander and Valentin provided by organizers the show "In Marriage for Buzova" and TNT TV channel - a piece of combative video. In a prompt to the first series the fight of participants is fleetingly shown, everything occurs very quickly therefore to make out the faces of fighters quite difficult. However our editorial office has coped with this hard task, having pulled out freeze frames on which it is possible to identify the photographer and the businessman.

With a huge share of probability in the 4th release "In marriage for Buzova" will go home Hryniv or Korobkov therefore on the next Sunday the viewer has to become the witness of the first cruel fight with fists for Olga's heart.



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