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In Krivorzhsky city hospital No. 10 of patients the German surgeon - the orthopedist Ewald Goering advised

In Krivorzhsky city hospital No. 10 two days, on November 5 and 6, consultations were held by professor of university clinic of the city of Minden Ewald Goering.

In the nearest future doctors plan to perform in common a number of difficult operations for the Kryvyi Rih patients. physicians write

On the website of the Kryvyi Rih management of protection of health care: "Long-term international cooperation in endoprosthesis replacement continues. The Kryvyi Rih traumatologists and orthopedists pass a training on the basis of the certified center in the German Mendena. It gives to confidence to physicians during difficult operations and rehabilitation of patients. "All of us expand with

these contacts more, - professor, the senior doctor of office of traumatology and orthopedics of clinic of the Bochum university (Germany) Ewald Goering says, - not only doctors, but now and the younger list of medical experts - operational and anesteziologichesky nurses already were at us. Further we will also contact".

the traumatologist-orthopedist of the Kryvyi Rih city hospital No. 10, Famous in Kryvyi Rih, Dmitry Scherbakov has thanked the chief physician for the help in the organization of training and has told about the gained experience and about participation of the Kryvyi Rih doctors in the international congress of traumatologists and anesthesiologists.

Ewald Goering has noted that during the numerous visits to Kryvyi Rih he should advise and operate a large number of patients. Almost each such operation becomes unique. Professor has noted the high level of the Kryvyi Rih orthopedists: "I only help. Children all well do, well operate. With my participation we together carry out even more difficult operations". to Establish to

an artificial joint is a half of business, - experts explain, - it is necessary to understand how long it will function. For young patients surely there will be a question of replacement of an artificial limb. This operation is much more difficult. Now for криворожан there is available also the second level of the orthopedic help - auditing artificial limbs.

"Such artificial limbs serve 15-20 years how they are used, - professor Goering explains, - Subsequently there comes the period when they need to be inspected. It is heavy operation".

Endoprosthesis replacement is a successful operation. But it is impossible to forget that it is only one of stages of treatment of arthroses. Much attention needs to be paid to rehabilitation. People have to know that than more thrown were their joints to expeditious treatment, especially and persistent their rehabilitation has to be long.

of the Problem of wear of joints, their infectious diseases, injuries accompany people constantly. In certain cases cardinal medical intervention can be avoided or to delay considerably in time provided that the patient will address the expert in time and will carefully execute all preventive appointments of the doctor: from correction of a way of life - to drug intake and physical therapy".



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