Date: 8 months ago   Category: Politics

In Kiev there takes place the military parade

The military parade in the center of Kiev dated for the 27 anniversary of Independence of Ukraine and century of revival of the Ukrainian statehood takes place on the Khreshchatyk in Kiev.

Before a parade after a solemn raising of national flag has been proclaimed a solemn prayer for the Ukrainian army.

participate In a parade 4,5 thousand Ukrainian servicemen, 250 units of military equipment, including new samples of arms and the equipment which also those which pass the state tests are already taken advantage. Also the army aircraft - about 30 fighters, attack planes, transport planes and helicopters for the first time in recent years will participate in a parade.

the Innovation of this parade became change of the address of the Minister of Defence to the military personnel and their response to him. The Soviet greetings of military with "Hello, companions have changed!" - "We wish health!" on "Glory to Ukraine!" - "To heroes glory!". After a greeting the military personnel answers "Glory!"

For the first time on the Khreshchatyk as a part of separate "box" will pass 120 girls students of Military institute of the Kiev national university of T. Shevchenko and the Military of institute of telecommunication and informatization of Heroes Is abrupt.

Orders a parade the Minister of Defence Stepan Poltorak.

the Troops are reviewed by the president of Ukraine, the Supreme Commander Petro Poroshenko.

also participate In a parade 18 foreign delegations from the different countries of the world, including ceremonial calculations of divisions from Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Moldova and znamenny groups from Georgia, Latvia, Denmark, Poland and also, standard-bearing group of multinational crew of <"Litpolukrbrig".
On both sides of the Khreshchatyk thousands of Kiev residents and guests of the capital have gathered.



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