Date: 5 months ago   Category: Incidents

In Kiev on Obolon the drunk driver has offered a bribe to police officers, and has got into handcuffs

On the night of August 25 in Kiev at the intersection of the Main belt road and Minsky Avenue police officers have stopped the Ceed KIA car. The man with signs of alcoholic intoxication was driving.

the Car were stopped by police officers of protection. The Informant knew of it on the place of an event.

according to police officers, the car violated traffic regulations and because of it has drawn attention of law enforcement authorities. After a stop it became clear that the driver with signs of intoxication. For this reason have called the squad of patrol force.

On arrival into place, the man have suggested to pass a test for availability of alcohol in blood, however in the presence of two witnesses he has refused to pass it. It was the protocol for driving by the drunk car is recorded and is.

during paperwork the driver repeatedly offered patrolmen a bribe, and wanted "to work out" everything on the place. However law enforcement authorities repeatedly refused and warned that for bribery there is criminal liability.

When police officers and the man have got into the car, the driver has thrown several notes into a coaster of the official car. Due to the event on the man cuffs have been put and the operational-investigations group is called.

Experts at witnesses have withdrawn notes of 100 hryvnias, 100 dollars and 10 hryvnias, and have transferred the driver by investigators for selection of explanations. The detainee was brought to the Obolon department of police for further trials. Details become clear.



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