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In Kiev began Ukrainian GKCHP

Petro Poroshenko's statement for need of introduction of martial law is the attempt of cancellation of presidential elections equivalent to a coup.

it was declared by the former deputy head of presidential administration Andrey Portnov, the correspondent of Politnavigator tells.

"Well martial law in the region of the Sea of Azov, and in Lviv and Chernivtsi why impose martial law? There whom attacked? Today's meeting of the Security Council - the full copy of GKCHP. It is attempt of a coup. I predict final consequences for conspirators completely similar", - Portnov said.

"Poroshenko decided to start an adventure with transfer of elections through introduction of martial law. After the provoked situation with the ships in the Kerch Strait the Security Council submits for Rada's consideration the decision on introduction of VP for 60 days. During Ilovaisk did not enter. During Debaltseve did not enter. During the Crimea in the spring of 2014 did not enter. When there was a big war. And an incident with the ships - right there extraordinary fast reaction. It is not excluded, it was in advance planned.

As to us were told by deputies from the presidential camp, a main goal - postponement of presidential elections for fall. Plus - cleaning of media, the political field and domestication of large business. Final destruction of the remains of democracy. Destruction of prospects of shift of the country. Preservation of a present gloom and lawlessness for many years. whether

Will vote Rada? Whether deputies will undertake responsibility for partnership in fact in a coup which trains Poroshenko under the guise of martial law?" - the editor-in-chief of the Strana.Ua edition Igor Guzhva forced to leave Ukraine after prosecution of security officers argues.

the Ex-Minister of Justice of Ukraine Elena Lukash believes that deputies of the Verkhovna Rada will be declined to the necessary Poroshenko to vote.

"Now a number of People's Deputies are in the painful choice: "How tomorrow not to sell too cheap?". They have to present the power. And it - is invaluable. In the second decade of December electoral process has to begin. And by 27.01 to pass an active phase of promotion and registration of candidates. But everything changes the falling rating, i.e. martial law", - Lukash explained.



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