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In Japan suitcases clean (!) before giving to passengers

At us too? clean?, only contents.

In Network have appeared a photo and video about what service has to be at all airports, Daily Mail writes.

the Shots placed in social networks have depicted the employee of the Japanese airport who cleaned bags and suitcases before arrival of passengers in the hall of delivery of baggage!

Very diligent girl checks each suitcase for existence of a label, then accurately cleans them with white fabric.

Though is unclear at what airport these scenes or where delivered baggage have been shot, it is should notice sharp contrast with the address habitual to us with suitcases!

Everyone at least once in life witnessed how sometimes carelessly treat baggage - sometimes even throw him as garbage bags!

the Passenger Joonas Ozolins has removed loaders in safe Europe who expressly have halturno treated the duties.

In a shot two men stand on a back part of the truck, throwing suitcases: him it isn't important whether fragile things, souvenirs or gifts of passengers lie there.

Loaders worked in airline under the name Menzies Aviation which has contracts at most the airports of Britain.

the Press secretary of the company has told that now workers have taken all measures that such behavior has stopped and all professional standards were supported properly.

But apparently, this phenomenon is everywhere, except Japan. For example, in Ukraine quite often there are unpleasant incidents: after transportation at passengers things vanish!

according to the CEO on aviation safety of the capital airport Nikolay Hlivny, is service which monitors work of loaders. She is in places of unloading and loading.

works the system of video surveillance There, however "it is impossible to trace each step". Moreover, without the address of the injured passenger theft won't even be investigated!

Of the Boryspil airport is assured that loaders undergo careful selection in the airport and it is frequent also additional check.

But here that you shouldn't forget: don't register the valuable luggage, for this purpose there is a hand luggage. Upon purchase of a suitcase you look first of all at protection: for example, coded lock. to

Besides, now it is possible to buy protective covers for suitcases and the most elementary: to wind baggage with a transparent film in the terminal.

A you sometime faced such relation to the baggage, how in Japan?

Victor Sibibel.





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