Date: 6 months ago   Category: Economy

In Istanbul have opened the first stage of the world's largest airport

The input ceremony in a system of the first stage of the new airport which in the future will become the world's largest has taken place in Istanbul. It was broadcast by local television.

Earlier presidential plane of the leader of the country of Tayipa Erdogan has landed at the new airport, having become the first aircraft which has made there landing. After that he together with the spouse Emin Erdogan has gone round the new airport driving the electric vehicle and has acquired the first symbolical ticket.

Is planned that the new airport will become one of the main world hubs and will change traffic between continents. Before full input of the new airport in a system the international airport of Ataturk will continue to function.

"After the new airport will begin to be operated at full capacity, the airport of Ataturk, keeping the status, will be closed for commercial flights. Ataturk's airport will continue the activity under the same name, having become the platform for such actions as aviation fairs, and other kinds of activity", - the Turkish leader has added.

the Tender for construction of the airport has won consortium of the Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-MaPa-Kalyon companies with the offer for the sum of 26,14 billion euros.

Construction of the airport proceeded four years, 10 thousand workers have been involved.

the Total area of the territory of the airport is 76,5 million square meters. The new air hub will have six runways, the parking on 500 aircrafts opened and the closed parkings on 70 thousand cars.

At first the airport will work with partial loading, mainly in the internal directions. The first flights will be made to Ankara, Antalya and Izmir at the beginning of November. The first international flights - in Baku and to Northern Cyprus. Other stages of the airport will be put into operation till 2023.

After end of all stages of construction the new airport of Istanbul will become the world's largest and will annually serve up to 200 million passengers. After commissioning the airport will be able to accept planes of 250 airlines of the world which will fly in more than 350 directions. It is planned that daily from the airport about two thousand planes will make departures.



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