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In Germany military fighters collided

In Germany over the lake there was a collision of two fighters which pilots managed to catapult.

the Crash of two military planes occurred yesterday, on June 24, after two o'clock in the afternoon. The accident it is reported in the German media. Also video of the crashes appeared in social network.

Collision of two Bundeswehrs of "Eurofighters" happened in Mecklenburg Lobby Pomerania. Data confirm also in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Schwerin.

One of two planes crashed into the forest, according to the representative of the ministry near the village of Jebel (The Mecklenburg Lake-land). Another broke to the south from the rural hut Nossentiner on the fringe of the forest", - report the local press.

Witnesses of incident claim that they saw ejection of one of pilots. It is known also that also the pilot of the second plane managed to press the button of a catapult.

the Minister of Internal Affairs Lorenz Kafye already went to the place the crash of fighters, representatives of department told. It is reported also that flying means belonged to a squadron of the Air Force 73 Shteynkhoff. Before departures they were not filled with fighting supplies, claim in the German edition with reference to local authorities. EUROFIGHER ZUSAMMENGESTO? EN Nach Ostseewelle-Informationen sind? ber der M? ritzregion zwei Eurofighter zusammengesto? en und abgest? rzt. Mehr dazu in unseren Nachrichten.

- Ostseewelle HITRADIO (@ostseewelle_de) June 24, 2019



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