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In "Filip Morris" announced cancellation of tax solutions notices for the sum of 635 million UAH

In CIAO "Filip Morris Ukraine" reported that the resolution of the second appeal administrative court closed proceedings of the appeal of tax solutions notices for the sum of 635 million UAH put it was closed as a result of cancellation of the State Courier Service of Ukraine of the corresponding tax solutions notices.

"We assess the last steps of the government and the State Courier Service of Ukraine in particular on completion of our dispute with Head department of the Public fiscal service in the Kharkiv region on application of the mode of processing in the customs territory of Ukraine very positively. Such business is the first in practice of bodies of the State Courier Service and its result is the certificate of real steps in the direction of changes and its readiness to react to business signals for ensuring its normal work", - Michalis Alexandrakis, the CEO CIAO "Filip Morris Ukraine" told.

B 2015 CIAO "Filip Morris Ukraine" began to apply special customs regulations of processing in the customs territory of Ukraine to further export of products. For this purpose the company got the corresponding permission from the Kharkiv customs State Courier Service (which is division of the Public fiscal service). Within this CIAO mode "Filip Morris Ukraine" acquired the right for conditional release from the Ukrainian import duty and other import taxes of materials for processing of raw materials by the company, the products from which were subject to re-export. The total cost of finished goods which was made and exported in the processing mode in the customs territory of Ukraine within April, 2015 - March, 2016 was 87 million euros.

However in March, 2016 when period of validity of permission to application of customs regulations of processing almost expired, Head department of the Public fiscal service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region initiated tax audit with the purpose to call into question legitimacy of application of the mode to operations, carried out CIAO "Filip Morris Ukraine" in the processing mode. By results of check the company received tax solution notices for the total amount of 635 million UAH that includes additional accruals of import duty, additional import duty, the VAT, penalties and a penalty fee. After the unsuccessful appeal administratively in bodies of the State Courier Service of Ukraine and also in court of first instance, four companies Philipp Morris submitted to the Government of Ukraine the Message about an investment dispute.

on December 5, 2018 the Cabinet of Ukraine accepted the Order "About signing of the Settlement agreement between the companies "Filip Morris International Ink." (USA), "Filip Morris Global Brends Ink." (USA), "Filip Morris Brends Sarl" (Switzerland), CIAO "Filip Morris Ukraine" (Ukraine) and state of Ukraine". on January 31, 2019 the Acting Chairman of the State Courier Service of Ukraine Alexander Vlasov signed with

the Settlement agreement. The public fiscal service of Ukraine withdrew tax solution notices the decision of March 22, 2019 what notified the company on April 5, 2019 on.

on April 12, 2019 ре



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