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In England a mind-blowing race behind a title

Manchester City after the victory over Chelsea headed the table of premier league again though Liverpool has game in a stock.

the Race behind a title - the madwoman, but "citizens" in it favourites. Arguments inside.

Pressure upon Liverpool
"Fasten belts!" - Juergen Klopp before days off ordered, arguing on a situation in a tournament. Really, a fight for the first place in the championship of England so crackheaded that it is better to hold more strong a chair or a sofa.

to Fans of Liverpool needs precisely to observe safety measures because for them defeat in fight for a title can turn back terrible problems with health.

Red did not win the championship of England 29 years. During an era of premier league - never. Liverpool not just yearned on titles - each bestrofeyny year causes a serious loss on its reputation. England in general adores sneering at someone's failures, and do it inconsiderately. The well-known falling of Gerrard of five-year prescription - the career tragedy. But for British it is just preparation for the meme which they now actively use.

On Liverpool is pressed by history. It is not that case when "it is more necessary to them". On Klopp's shoulders - improbable responsibility. And in rivals, as ill luck would have it, one of the best teams in the history of league which scored hundred points in the previous season.

Experience of "City"
of Players and coaches of both teams constantly ask that they think of a race for the first place. Klopp reformulated saying of the famous philosopher Raul Riancho about a rising sun recently, only for some reason told that it shone to a draw with Leicester and West Ham. And football players of Manchester City reason the answers.

For example, told Bernard Silva, exactly advantage of "citizens" consists in psychology: "Quite recently we thought that missed a title. But now we at top of premier league, let also carried out more on a game. In terms of psychology important that we rose, this our important advantage". The namesake and the Portuguese's teammate David Silva adduced other argument: "Long-term experience strongly helps team at the similar moments. We appeared in such situations also are capable to assume that can occur further".

the Calendar - for the champion
At "City" is also other psychological advantage - leadership. This leadership formal, on the lost glasses on the first place Liverpool. But red still it is necessary to win a missing match. And this match - on a visit at Manchester United in two weeks.

of "City" is much easier. Gvardyola's team won two in a row meetings with teams top-6 (3:1 with Arsenal and 6:0 with Chelsea) and took away three points from difficult departure to Everton. "City" had only two matches with representatives of the elite six - in March a guest meeting with "MU", and in April a house game with Tottenham. Liverpool has ahead too game on "Old Trafford" and a match with "spurs" on the home field, and in addition it needs to accept on Enfield of Chelsea.

But also it is not all. Calendar



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