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In Dnieper there will pass the annual international scooter festival of "Double Fest"

On September 29 and 30 with assistance of Federation of roller sports of Ukraine (UFRS) and City management of sport there will pass the annual international scooter festival of "Double Fest 2018".

the Festival is held for the purpose of promoting of the rollersport in the country. Holding a festival on central the platform of the city will become in the best way to acquaint people with our sport.

At these competitions will be carried out also simple disciplines for the beginners of scooters, and serious competitions for already very skilled athletes.

Within the festival will pass competitions in a rollersport in such disciplines: the freestyle slalom (artistic dances on rollers), Ski jumping with extreme tricks of Skeytkross (run on rollers through obstacles) Krom of a sports part at a festival is planned also extensive not competitive activity where not only scooters, but also dancing clubs, trampoline athletes, слэклайн and others sport will take part. It will give to our festival multisports character.

Anyone will be able to try also these directions directly on the place. Also there will be demonstration performances of professionals on each location so it will be possible not only to participate, but also to look at interesting performances.

Traditionally similar events collect many scooters from all Ukraine and even the neighboring abroad. To us there will arrive athletes from Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih, Odessa, Poltava, Kiev, Kishenev, Minsk, Donetsk, etc. About 200-250 participants are expected.

Organizers of competitions: rollerdry Rola-Kolo, UFRS.

Venue: Heroes Square of the Maidan. Beginning: On September 29 at 9:00.



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