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In Dnieper the project starts

In Dnieper the project starts
The national police of Ukraine starts the pilot project "Police Officer of a Bulk" in Dnieper.

This project was discussed on Thursday, during the meeting of the head of National police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev with representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Representatives of the management of National police, the adviser to the head of department of law-enforcement questions of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine Mari Curt, the head of regional office of ICITAP in Ukraine John Montanye have participated in a meeting.

"The purpose of this project - close interaction of the district police officer with the integrated territorial bulk and orientation of the police officer to her needs" - is said in the statement on the website of National police on Thursday evening.

Has submitted to foreign colleagues the Police Officer of a Bulk project the deputy head of National police of Ukraine Alexander Fatsevich.

"Work of the police officer of a bulk will be wider, than at his colleagues. The district police officer has to be a part of society and provide high-quality services to people", - Fatsevich has noted.

the Head of regional office of ICITAP in Ukraine John Montanye has noted that the main thing within the project - to make the correct staff recruitment, participants of the project have to have specialized skills.

"But unambiguously main is an essential positive change. We qualitatively change a situation. It is very important component of success. And the main thing - it is rather achievable", - Montanye has noted.

the Head of National police of Ukraine Knyazev has noted that this project is extremely necessary for each certain citizen who lives in small settlements.

"the National police supports basic change of work of the local police officer on places. The district police officer has to be engaged in people and render full assistance to citizens at any time. In return I am ready to guarantee full assistance. However district police officers have to remember that results of his work will be estimated by society", - Knyazev has noted.

It has added that the first pilot project "Police Officer of a Bulk" will earn in the city of Dnieper.



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