Date: 7 months ago   Category: Incidents

In Dnieper the minibus has hit two children: what became the reason of road accident and what is told by doctors?

In the center of Dnieper the minibus has run over family with three children. In accident the 6-month-old girl and the 4-year-old boy have suffered.

"At the moment when green light has lit up, we have begun to carry out the movement. I went with a carriage through the crosswalk, the child went to the right of me, he holds a carriage not independently to move. The wife followed us, at the left in a half a meter. Together with the oldest daughter", - the father of children Andrey tells.

from Yavornitsky Avenue on Schmidt Street was turned At this time by the minibus. According to eyewitnesses, from other strip. There was also a road accident. Into place patrolmen have called the investigator.

"Previously: the driver has violated traffic regulations, he has run down pedestrians who already went on light allowing them. He hasn't made sure of safety of the maneuver and has run down them", - the speaker of patrol force in area Lyudmila Kopylenko says.

the Driver admitted - went tired from work.

"The driver could be tired because, for example, I left in the day off. This processing of supernorm allowed under the law. This problem of processing of drivers happens because of the shortage of shots. He really hasn't noticed, awful lighting there. There lamps in chestnuts all. He has reacted instantly, but unfortunately, hasn't managed to slow down", - the head of labor union of motorists and haulers of Dnieper Mikhail Tonkonogy explains.

as a result of accident the 6-month-old girl and the 4-year-old boy were hospitalized. Both have a concussion and a slight craniocereberal injury.

"State their stable. They have no organic injuries, injuries of bones, neither a skeleton, nor skull bones therefore the trauma is considered as easy, and needs only dynamic observation", - the manager of office of neurosurgery of regional children's hospital Vladimir Agafonov tells. children will spend by

In hospital two more days.



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