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In Dnepropetrovshchina among it is white opened fire at the activist running for the mayor - the PHOTO 18

Opposite to the City Council, near Central Department Store, in the center Kamensk there was a firing. According to preliminary information, shot at the public activist Evgeny Nayda. Eyewitnesses report that else two passersby suffered. It was fired from Daewoo of green color. The police work at the place, the plan "Interception" is announced.

Information that the victim - Evgeny Nayda, was confirmed, report "Events".

Shots were made around 16.20 when Evgeny was near shop of children's goods of "RIO". As witnesses of the event told journalists, Lanos of green (bottle) color with signs of the taxi (checkers) left the person in a mask, and made two shots from a sawn-off shotgun (on the second, so far informal, versions - from "Saiga") in Evgeny Nayda then he fled the crime scene on the same car on which arrived.

the Social activist was taken to city hospital of emergency medical service. At present it is in the operating room. According to the chief physician of GBSMP Rostislav Vynar, serious gunshot wounds of extremities are diagnosed for Evgeny Nayda. According to Rostislav Vynar, to give any forecasts early so far.

For reference: Evgeny Nayda is known as the public activist and is the head of OO "Gromadsk Vart's Rukh". In 2015 ran for the mayor Kamensk.

In the press service of GU of NP in the Dnepropterovsky region report that according to preliminary information, unknown from the car carried out a shot towards the 33-year-old man. The victim was wounded and was hospitalized in hospital. Also as a result of firing two more passersby - the man and the woman to whom on the scene primary medical care is provided suffered. Their satisfactory condition.

works at the place operational-investigations group Now. Circumstances of incident are established. The issue of legal qualification of an event is resolved.

to All who know something of circumstances of incident, a request to address by phones of a control room of criminal office (056) 756-57-02 and control room GUNP (056) 756 50 01.



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