Date: 9 months ago   Category: Economy

In defiance of sanctions the Ukrainian scrap metal is delivered to Transnistria

The Ukrainian suppliers of scrap metal violate the sanctions against Moldavian

of steel works (Transnistria) entered by the NSDC of Ukraine in May, 2018

of year. In the blog the consultant of Committee of BP for the questions

of national security and defense Anna Kovalenko with reference to data on

a cargo transportation published Ukrzaliznytsey has reported about it.

In particular, Anna Kovalenko has reported that in September, 2018 from the
Zaporizhia-left is already sent by cars of Ukrzaliznytsi to Transnistria 1447
of tons of scrap of ferrous metals, and 6210 tons
of scrap metal are planned to send all. According to the reporting Ukrzaliznytsi, this freight is intended to

of the Novastal Prim company, and unloaded at Mateutsa's station which is

near the Moldavian steel works. Carrier of freight is

the Ukr-trans-kompaniya which enters into Ukrmet's group - the supplier of scrap metal, largest in Ukraine

With reference to the order Ukrzaliznytsi TsTsO/117 from 1/24/2018 Anna Kovalenko
has also noted that the state ZhD-carrier has broken also

the internal ban concerning sending cars to the territory of Transnistria. Anna Kovalenko has given to

For response to these facts corresponding

documents to the NSDC, the SSU, and Committee of BP concerning national security and defense.

the Moldavian steel works (Transnistria) is brought in sanctions

the list by the decree of the President of May 24, 2018.



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