Date: 4 months ago   Category: Society

In China the "artificial" TV host was shown

New "TV host" will help to save on production of a news significantly. the Chinese Xinhua News Agency has shown to

the virtual TV host who works at a basis of artificial intelligence and is capable to read the text of news independently.

Developers of "TV host" claim that he can read this or that text also naturally, as well as the professional leader or the announcer, gives the Air Force.

However, agree with this statement not everything. Some of the audience have noticed that his voice "is too similar to a robot voice".

of Technology of artificial intelligence were used to teach the program to imitate a voice and intonations of real announcers of Xinhua and also their mimicry.

"Hello, you watch the English-language version of a news", - the virtual TV host at the beginning of the program says. "I will work with

tirelessly and to continue to inform you on the latest events - texts are loaded into system, directs me, is continuous", - he adds.

In the agency say that their new "TV host" can work round the clock and by that is capable to help to cut significantly expenses which go for creation of news releases. Also he can be useful in situations when the news needs to be created urgently.




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