Date: 5 months ago   Category: Incidents

In Cherkasshchina locals want to block the road due to the lack of heating

Residents Smela of the Cherkassk region today at 10:00 plan to block the road to resolve an issue with heating in the city. Smela's mayor Alexey Tsibko told about it, the UNN tells.

"gather At 10:00 people and will solve how to draw attention of the leaders of the state", - the mayor told.

He specified that people plan to block the road to resolve an issue of deliveries of heating to their houses.

"I was yesterday at a forum of Regional development where there was a President, but nobody heard us. Therefore we are left actually to the mercy of fate. And NAC Naftogaz forces to take debts, and these are about 100 million UAH. It is not simply impossible, it is unreal", - he told.

of Tsibko explained that these debts were saved up by private enterprise which provided services in heat supply. "In what business that people have payment orders paid, and budgetary organizations have acts of the performed works. And the state does not want to understand where this money went", - he specified.

"My position - we go to courts and we have legal proceedings, and there let will be "the Name of Ukraine". And NAC Naftogaz does not hear - pay, undertake debts, then... And as we can take others debts and for what to do it, first of all", - the mayor was indignant.

Also Tsibko told that in Smela since Friday the commission imposed state of emergency. In this connection school students do not go to school, kindergartens do not work.

At the same time, he noted, in the city there is still a company which provides heat supply of a part of the city, but heating captured only 30-35% of city facilities.

"The most important - in hospital does not maintain loading because of devices and actually stops. And what is bed patients - this problem number one. Really heads of the state do not understand it?" - he summarized. we Will remind

, due to the lack of heat of 11 schools in the city of Smela suspended educational process and passed to distance learning.



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