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In Brazil the player of São Paulo was cruelly killed

The 24-year-old midfielder Daniel Frejtas playing on a leasehold basis for San Benta has been killed from firearms, at the same time the police has found traces of tortures on his body.

have found the Body of the player on Saturday in a thicket near the city of Curitiba.

the Police which has already opened investigation on the case of murder has disclosed several details of crime. It has turned out that the player was dragged on 30 meters in the wood and cruelly tortured what numerous cuts on a body, deep neck wounds and also the cut-off penis testify to.

is probable, after that it was shot. "We are engaged in check of his residence, we will restore picture of what could occur. A cruel crime whoever has made it is committed, I was in rage. His death wasn't easy", - the superintendant Edimilson Pereira on air of the Brazilian radio Banda B has said.

the Police has already stated that it has progressed in investigation, however hasn't disclosed new details. It is known only that the version of robbery and the subsequent murder were excluded.

at the beginning of Daniel's career compared with Messi. And still the midfielder managed to work in Botafogo with the famous Dutch Clarence Seedorf. In 2014 the football player was one of the best team players then Daniel Messi has caught a nickname. "It was something like a joke of fans. We have with Messi even similar names. Actually he is my idol. I like to go to an inking on speeds too. I have scored so several goals for Botafogo, from here and the nickname has gone. But, of course, it is simply impossible to compare us", - the football player in ESPN Brasil interview in 2016 said.

When Frejtas was at the peak of career, he has got a severe injury - a rupture of crucial ligaments on the right knee. While it was treated, I have replaced Botafogo with São Paulo. Also I debuted in team in 2015. However I haven't managed to become the player of the main structure. Have performed on Daniel two more operations on a lap then São Paulo rented it in more weak teams three times. I became the last club for the player just San Benta. And the contract with São Paulo expired in December.

Many clubs and also the Brazilian football players personally familiar with Frejtas have already expressed condolences to family of the killed player.



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