Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

In Armyansk new chemical emission

In the city of Armyansk in the north of the Crimea occupied by the Russian Federation report about chemical emissions in air again. Locals complain of feeling sick, a pungent smell and unclear rainfall.

As was told to Gromadsky by the resident Ekaterina Pivovar, the characteristic smell was felt in the city in the morning on October 10. She together with children was taken to city hospital with complaints to defeat by chemicals.

of Pivovar claims that it feels "burning in eyes" and got "burns of a mucous membrane of a nose". According to her, doctors diagnose allergic reaction to toxic substances and advised to leave the city.

About signs of emissions are reported also by users of social networks.

in the Evening on October 10 about emissions was written by the journalist Xenia Babic on the page on Facebook.

"Finished me and I am ready for everything. I have four children. There was a new emission in the morning. I called an ambulance, there arrived the doctor and cries. I sob. On the street more than 15 minutes it is impossible to be in the afternoon - the person swells", - such words of the local resident are reported by the journalist.

according to Babic, on October 11 locals want to come to a protest action and to block the road.




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