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In 1973 the computer has predicted the end of a civilization. And so far everything comes true!

It to you not blind Vanga.

B in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been developed 1973 the computer program for modeling of global development. But instead of "development" the program has predicted the end of a civilization by 2040, Big Think tells.

I though history knows many apocalyptic prophecies which meanwhile never came true, predictions of the COMPUTER from the 1970th years just come true before our eyes. Really the car was right?

Why the program has been written.

of Prediction have been made by the World-1 program. She has been developed by one of pioneers of cybernetics Jay Forrester to whom the Roman club has ordered model of development of all mankind in his relationship with the biosphere.

the Roman club is association of thinkers, former heads of the states, scientists and officials of the UN on purpose "to develop understanding of the global problems facing mankind and to propose solutions by means of the scientific analysis, communication and propaganda".

of Prediction.

"World-1" has shown that if growth of the population and the industry remains at the same level, by 2040 there will be the world collapse.

In creation of model were considered indicators of atmospheric pollution, a demographic gain, quantity of natural resources and the general quality of life on Earth. The most unpleasant that the decrease in the standard of living and resource depletion predicted by the computer have become a reality.

A 2020 - the first milestone, foreseen the program. This year the quality of life has to be reduced sharply.

Here what scenario prophesied the COMPUTER: "About 2020 the condition of the planet will become critical. If to make nothing, then the quality of life will reduce to zero. Environmental pollution will become so serious that will lead to the death of people because of what the population will be reduced below indicators of 1900.

after that approximately between 2040 and 2050 the human civilization on this planet will stop the existence". Alexander King, the head of the Roman club of that time, has analysed conclusions of the program and have come to a conclusion that the national states will lose sovereignty and the new world order subordinated to corporations will set in. "Sovereignty of the states isn't absolute any more, - King said. - There is a gradual decrease in sovereignty, little by little. It happens even to the biggest countries". How does the program have been arranged?

the World-1 Program considered the whole world as uniform system. In the report this model was described as "the electronic review of our behavior since 1900 and where it will bring us".

the Program has made the schedules displaying that will happen to the world in decades. She has built statistics and forecasts for such variables as the population, quality of life, a stock of natural resources, environmental pollution, etc. Lines of trends showed in what area it is worth waiting for crisis.

Really accident is inevitable? the Roman club offered

as one of measures of prevention of accident to the largest



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