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In 10 months 2018 the budget is executed with deficit almost of 5 billion

The state budget of Ukraine for January-October, 2018 has been executed with deficiency of 4,8 billion UAH at approved in the law on the state budget of limit of 80,6 billion UAH. The Ministry of Finance has reported about it.

Department has specified that the deficiency of the general fund was 10,5 billion UAH at the ceiling established for a year in 57,4 billion UAH

Following the results of 9 months the State treasury has reported on state budget deficit in 7,3 billion UAH, including on the general fund - 11,3 billion UAH that means surplus of the state budget in October.

the Ministry of Finance specifies that successful negotiations with the IMF promoted entry of Ukraine into the international markets of the capitals that has allowed to increase external loans for financing of budget deficit following the results of 10 months to 19,4 billion UAH, or $725 million

according to department, for January-October, 2018 income of the state budget have risen 15,4% by the same period of 2017 and have made 747,4 billion UAH, or 99,7% of the budgetary painting for this period. the Main reasons for underfulfilment of receipts (2,4 billion UAH) the Ministry of Finance called

short-reception of the dividends added on an action - 9,7 billion UAH, an excise tax - 6 billion UAH, funds transferred by the NBU - 5,9 billion UAH, receipts from sale of a seized property - 4,5 billion UAH, the VAT from the imported goods - 0,7 billion UAH, a rent payment for use of natural resources - 3,2 billion UAH and import duty - 1,2 billion UAH at simultaneous overfulfillment of own revenues to 14,2 billion UAH, income tax of the enterprises - on 13,1 billion UAH, the VAT from the made goods taking into account compensation - on 0,4 billion UAH and taxes and fees from the income of natural persons - for 1 billion UAH

Income of the general fund of the state budget for January-October, 2018 has made 673,2 billion UAH that on 105,1 billion UAH (18,5%) it is more, than last year, has specified financial department.

the Ministry of Finance notes that the expenses, most significant for the state (social, defense and safety, service of a national debt) have been financed in full. According to him, all expenses for January-October-2018 have grown by January-October, 2018 by 16,3% - to 751,8 billion UAH, including the general fund - for 15,1%, to 687,8 billion UAH

at the same time expenses on service of a public debt have decreased by 8,3%, or by 8,3 billion UAH in comparison with last year's.

the Ministry of Finance specifies that expenses of the general fund of the state budget on the salary with charges have increased in comparison with January-October, 2017 on 30,9 billion UAH, or 30% - up to 133,8 billion UAH, and on social security - on 21,8 billion UAH, or 19,7%, and have made 132 billion UAH

the Transfer to the Pension fund for January-October, 2018 is financed for 100% of 118,8 billion UAH that for 21,1%, or 20,7 billion UAH, are more than indicator of January-October, 2017.



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