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Igor Linnik: "If you wait from present Dynamo for something absolutely another, find to yourself a new object of love"

The famous Ukrainian journalist Igor Linnik - about two-masted opposition of Kiev Dynamo and Prague Slavia (1:1, 2:0) in the 3rd qualification round of the Champions League.

- Both matches Kiev "contra of Slavia" I saw Dynamo at stadiums. There was a feeling that it is one of the most inconvenient rivals for our team - in that plan what model of a game is professed by Dynamo and what - the vice-champion of the Czech Republic.

While the soccer performed by Slavia is quite primitive, he has strengths. On the invoice it is very powerful team trying to use on all hundred the superiority in growth and athleticism. The best that it is possible to oppose to such collision soccer, is the movement, speeds and a fast pass.

But at this stage of a season at Dynamo yet weren't cut through command speeds (as a constant 90-minute element), but endurance, and it was shown by both matches against Slavia which have taken place in hot and stuffy weather, up to standard. Making a start from it, I think, trainers also built the tactical plan for two games with Czechs. at the same time let's not to forget

that fight went on result. And, so it was more important - not at the expense of what the team tries to pass further, and the fact of pass. Yes, in this approach there is no hint on staginess, but when at us in Kiev this subject predominated even?.

Still I would remember that at the same stage of qualification of the Champions League of Dynamo has stumbled a year ago, and since then Khatskevich's list has undergone big changes - has rejuvenated. For many children these two games were a debut at the level of the Champions League. I believe, too it is important to understand it.

And so, inconvenience of Slavia was that if Dynamo consciously gave a game initiative, then the rival willingly took her. And as appropriate I settled down in the attack - rather wide and deep front. When Dynamo was possible to observe density in lines and to meet Czechs further from the gate - problems in defense didn't arise. When our ranks stretched, Slavia had chances. As well as after unforced errors of players of recreation center which, alas, too there was enough (for example, in Prague has passed recreation center in the added time after Shepelev who has come for replacement - after our miss on others half! - I didn't begin to cling to a ball, and I have missed it. and instead of tightening a game around an angular tag of owners, those have in every way pulled hard, have run forward, having earned a penalty... And in Kiev fairly not included by the arbitrator, but nervous "goal" in gate of recreation center has happened right after angular at our gate as a result of an illiterate pass of Sidorchuk back - actually scraps...)

A now again about tactics. Dynamo therefore was also so complex to leave in counterattacks that at once 9 field team players have been busy with defensive actions where fulfilled according to the full calculation. After selection or tackling Kiev residents physically didn't manage to leave from under pressure of athletic and tenacious Czechs - the fast pass is based on fast otkryvaniye what, I will repeat



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