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If you have seen money under the janitor of the car, leave immediately!

Divorce? motorist.

We already published article about swindlers in the USA which puts the 100th dollar notes under janitors of the car. Still surprised motorist goes

out of the car and pulls out the note, feverishly thinking that means this "gift", robbers seize the confusion moment.

As a key remains in the ignition lock, as well as valuable things, car thieves immediately hijack the car from under his nose, leaving in perplexity to stand in the middle of the parking.

I here on Facebook has appeared history, but already local flood.

". . Leaving from the parking of a supermarket, I have found out that at me under janitors the 500th ruble note is thrust. If I didn't read article, read, then surely would leave to take it, and so - have blocked doors and have started.

Right there together with me has started strongly zatonirovanny car without registration number which stood nearby. She has left for me from the parking, but didn't begin to pursue, and has curtailed in other direction. Present to

that you have parked the car about shop, have gone shopping, have returned with packages, have put them in a luggage carrier, mudflows, have started the car and have noticed that under janitors on glass the large note sticks out. By the way, artificial.

put the Note under janitors, to take away her, it is necessary to go out of the car. Such cases often happen on parkings and at garages where cars stand the rehouse to a wall, and it is difficult to notice the note, you won't drive off yet. Here so a present, you will be delighted to

, and in vain. Because it is only a syllogism which was thought up by swindlers to take away your car. You leave, leaving the car got, the criminal dives for a wheel and presses on gases. You don't even manage to think nothing, so quickly and unexpectedly everything happens!"

Discussion was quite rough. Some have even decided that swindlers "have stolen" the idea from similar articles. Olga Ovchinnikova:

"If at you have appeared the ideas of improvement of a method, please, don't publish! :-) :-) For certain, too about 100 dollars have read and let's embody..." Gayaz Khafizov:

"Is not car thieves - things, man purses, documents interest them! A back door on diagonal from driver's - and you will never catch up!" Yulia Radulovi?:

"Still is odds. Watch you when you leave bank with the sum (trace). You go to yourself to the yard and from bushes to you on front splash out kefir! You on brakes, jump out, that to run! You back in the car, are also not present a man purse!)))))" Dimitrii Boev:

"A conclusion from all branch: people specially buy the car to add to themselves problems more brightly. Otherwise, probably, it is boring to live". And what ideas of robbers you faced personally?

of Fia Mont.



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