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If Yanukovych goes to treatment to Israel, Ukraine will be obliged to address to Jerusalem - Matios

The ex-president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych is put on the wanted list through the Interpol, the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios noted. According to him, Ukraine to address Israel if there Yanukovych goes.

in case of departure for treatment to Israel of the former president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych accused of high treason Kiev will be forced to make to Jerusalem official request for its return to Ukraine. It on air of "Radio NV" was said by the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly of >
"Yanukovych is put on the wanted list on the system of the Interpol, the corresponding card is exposed, but I want to note that the State of Israel is not a participant of the Interpol. Practice of the international legal cooperation between the State Office of Public Prosecutor and the State of Israel is.... If there is a fact, we are obliged to address", - he told. the Chief military prosecutor expressed to

belief that Yanukovych ", nobody and anywhere will never move" from Russia.

Yanukovych's Performance with the last word was planned for November 19 earlier, but on the eve of the meeting lawyers said that the ex-president suffered serious injuries. According to the lawyer Alexander Goroshinsky, his client injured a backbone. Sources of Komsomolskaya Pravda claimed that the runaway ex-president was traumatized during the playing tennis in Moscow area.

on December 4 Goroshinsky reported that inspection and operation in Israel can be necessary for Yanukovych.

At a court session on December 5 protection asked to postpone a meeting before recovery of the suspect, however the judge Vladislav Devyatko dismissed the petition. The court in the matter of Yanukovych was removed to the consultative room for adjudgement.

Charge asks court to find Yanukovych guilty under three articles of the Criminal code - Part 5 of Article 27 (high treason), Part 2 of Article 437 (complicity in conducting war of aggression), Part 3 of Article 110 (the complicity in infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine which entailed death of people or other heavy consequences) - and to sentence to 15 years of imprisonment.



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