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If the doctor appoints to you a kolonoskopiya, tell him the following

Delicate, but important subject.

statistically, intestines cancer - the reason of mortality, the second for prevalence, from oncological diseases. For example, in 2017 intestines in North America has died more than 50 000 people from cancer, Providr reports.

If are available for you some symptoms of this disease, immediately undergo medical examination!

Is many types of inspection on intestines cancer. Though a kolonoskopiya - the most sure method, regular checks are recommended only to people with the increased risk and 50 years are more senior.

according to the research conducted by Christine Sheffild, professor of surgery at the University of the State of Texas of "more than 30% of all kolonoskopiya" in Texas "potentially don't conform to requirements to medical examination".

Other methods of detection of cancer of intestines - the analysis a calla on the hidden blood and a flexible sigmoidoskopiya. The above-mentioned research has come to a conclusion that carrying out a kolonoskopiya when it contradicts requirements to medical examination, can bear in itself risks, without bringing at the same time any benefit.

Side effects of a kolonoskopiya.

Among side effects of a kolonoskopiya - small amounts of blood in a chair within 1-2 days (after a biopsy and/or removal of a polyp); nausea, vomiting, swelling or irritation of a rectum because of substances which are used for clarification of intestines, and air which in him is pumped.

If the doctor doesn't recommend you a kolonoskopiya, he can offer a sigmoidoskopiya. This procedure is similar to a kolonoskopiya that it assumes an intestines research by means of a long flexible tube with the camera on the end too.

However at a sigmoidoskopiya is examined only the lower third of intestines whereas at a kolonoskopiya - all intestines. the Analysis a calla the doctor can appoint

to the hidden blood for identification of blood in a chair. If blood is found, the doctor, most likely, will direct the patient to a sigmoidoskopiya or a kolonoskopiya.

Rare, but serious complications at a kolonoskopiya.
K belong: perforation of a wall of intestines, severe bleeding, allergic reaction to sedative medicine. whether

Is harmful an excess kolonoskopiya?

According to an above-mentioned research of the University of the State of Texas, an excess kolonoskopiya in itself isn't harmful (except for the risks interfaced to her), however from her there is no advantage, plus valuable resources and time of hospital are spent.

What to tell the doctor who has appointed to you a kolonoskopiya?

is the best of all to ask it on how to be prepared for the procedure in detail. Most likely, the doctor already will make to you a number of recommendations. Usually advise to refuse a breakfast and a dinner on the eve of survey. Also to you can advise to drink 2-4 liters of liquid with laxatives and electrolytes. In most cases the kolonoskopiya takes with

about 30-45 minutes though sometimes happens longer. After the procedure the patient remains under observation 1-2 hours.

I though researches show that the kolonoskopiya isn't always necessary, this procedure remains most надежн



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