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If the child does not help about the house, he will never mature!

Psychologists recommend!

Too you sponsor the child? And in vain, he so will never mature, psychologists assure.

Parents often exempt children from household chores in favor of study or rest. But it is a mistake, the writer Julia Litkott-Heyms assures of the book "Release Them".

Besides, the child who helps about the house has more chances to succeed in life, doctor Marilyn Rossman considers.

Here what duties can charge to children. in 3 years: to help to remove toys, to set the table; to independently put on, brush teeth and to wash; in 5 years: to perform simple tasks on cleaning; to feed pets; to bring clothes for washing; in 7 years: to help to cook and remove products; to wash the dishes; to make a bed; in 9 years: to fold clothes; to care for the bicycle; to prepare simple dishes; to take out garbage and to sweep the house; in 13 years: to go shopping independently; to change bed linen; to fry also the furnace in an oven; to iron; in 18 years: to perform more complex works on cleaning and maintenance of an order; to prepare products and to prepare difficult dishes. To begin to accustom the child to work it is possible at any time. But there are also rules for parents.

needs to set an example to the child with the actions. If you lie on a sofa, the child will hardly want to help about the house. you Say

to the child that you need his help. It can not like new duties, but performance of your instructions will give it feeling of own necessity and value.

Give to the child accurate instructions, do not press in unnecessary explanations. Otherwise you will look so as if you justify youselves.

Simply set the task with which he is capable to cope for the child. But you remember that it is better to segment and carry out more difficult tasks gradually.

Surely you thank the child for work. Simple "thanks" or "at you well it turned out" quite enough.

Develop a habit to help about the house. Create a routine and the schedule of duties. So you accustom the child that in life it is always necessary to be engaged in something.

needs to Teach the child to it gradually, adhering to such steps: at first you do; then you do together with it; then you control when the child does; at last, the child does it absolutely independently. And your child helps about the house?

Marta Oliynik.



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