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If? bones ache? on a weather changing, here that you can make

So that without tablets.

with meteodependence any changes of weather cause deterioration in health In people - most often they face pain and an ache in joints, Andrei Laslau writes. So why bones and joints ache on a weather changing?

of Change of weather are reflected in public which have chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal device who has had injuries of bones and joints.

are very sensitive To change of atmospheric pressure, increase in humidity of air and also a sharp and sudden cold snap patients with rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis.

The matter is that at having rheumatism or arthritis except bones and joints the nervous terminations which penetrate them are damaged.

Increase in an amount of water in air causes puffiness of the nervous terminations of the affected joints, and fall of temperature - is reflected pain in them.

Because of change of atmospheric pressure changes also pressure in a joint cavity. It causes irritation of the nervous terminations, and the person begins to complain that bones "ache".

to facilitate a state, the patient should avoid acceptance of a hot bathtub or visit of a bath. The increased humidity in such rooms will only strengthen painful feelings.

Here folk remedies which help to relieve joint pain during deterioration in weather conditions:

1) Onions tea.

by means of an onions peel can revitalize all organism, to clean it from harmful toxins and slags. Tea on an onions peel interferes with education in an organism of the inflammatory substances causing pain at rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis, colitis.

2) Ginger tea.

It perfectly is suitable for relief of symptoms of arthritis. To make this curative drink, put couple of slices of fresh ginger in a saucepan, fill in them with water and bring to boiling, you boil tea within 15 minutes.

3) Kayensky pepper.

In its structure is капсаицин - an element which blocks transfer of painful signals to a brain. You can buy cream with kapsaitsiny in drugstore or independently prepare curative mix, having mixed powder of the Cayenne pepper with a small amount of olive oil.

4) Carnation.

This spice has anti-inflammatory effect and helps to facilitate arthritis symptoms. It is also excellent antioxidant. Add several sticks of a carnation to tea or other hot drink.

5) Practice an extension and jogging - such physical activity excellently helps at joint pains.

6) Beware of overcooling.

Overcooling causes muscle, joints and sheaves pains therefore it is very important to protect itself from low temperatures. Warmly put on, and in case of overcooling use warm compresses.

As you escape from meteodependence when aches bones and joints?

Victor Sibibel.



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