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I thought that I turned into the monster. And then doctors found at me this syndrome

Call for help which has to be heard. It begins

suddenly. It can provoke anything - from changes in life till the child's birth, Elisabeth Broadbent for Scary Mommy writes. me it began

U after the birth of my third son. I thought that it is only the stress caused by efforts and care from three children. But anyway, I did not understand why I constantly break. I was irritated by everything - beginning from a picture on a wall, finishing with Lego bricks on a floor.

Each my nerve vibrated when the son threw out Lego on a wooden floor. But I was irritated not only by noise. Even simple inquiries led to flash of sudden, unexpected and unreasonable rage. A phrase "Mother, I am hungry" could send me to an anger spiral. "But you just ate!" I did not even move from a sofa. "Go, take banana!".

But then you hate yourself for the fact that you are angry. You are hurt by heart because you so strongly love these children, and do not want to hurt them. But you shout at them again, both again, and again.

Ya assumed that I had a problem with control of anger. I thought that I am an awful person. I felt awfully lonely. Who so treats children, except bad people? Who so feels? I did not know that, as well as at many mothers, my disturbing frustration was shown as anger.

Ya was not angry. I was frightened. Some things we learn

accidentally. Sometimes from Internet article. Or from friends. I learned from my psychiatrist who checked my postnatal state. one day I did not sustain and called it. I sobbed in a tube. "I treat children badly. I have no patience any more. I cannot cope with them. They deserve the best".

"All this a part of the same disturbing frustration, - was softly told by her. "Sometimes the alarm is shown as a stress which is shown as anger. You do not become angry about the children. You just are afraid. It is very widespread".

Ya cried, but with all the heart at me went away. I am not any awful aberration, and normal mother. Sick mother, but normal. As you. As well as all of you which shout?? on children or cannot constrain anger, even when there is nothing to become angry. I was glad to learn that I am not one such.

This check saved me.

Three years later I still take medicine for generalized disturbing frustration into which the postnatal alarm developed. I did not become suddenly angry or cruel. I worried. I was frightened. Perhaps, not because of children. But because, was tired, and felt that I lose control.

the Same disorder can cause in me an anger attack. I lived in a disorder. I am afraid that I will live in a disorder again. And what is done by children how not a disorder? All of us know it. It enrages us. And this rage results not from their behavior (expected), and from our own internal terror. Or present to

that you try to leave the house in the morning. Your younger where that took off boots and could not find them. You begin to be angry.



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