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I in a row drank month 3 liters of water a day. Result - on a face!

It is simple not to recognize her!

the 42-year-old Englishwoman Sara Smith, mother of two children, has seen a doctor with complaints to severe migraines and chronic fatigue once. To her have recommended to stop leaning on coffee and to drink more water, WorldTruth writes.

I Sara was solved! She has made an experiment: within a month every day the woman drank 3 liters of water! at the same time it did to

a photo to compare result before and after. Here what she tells about herself and about the beginning of an experiment:

"To me is 42 years old, but on this photo I look on everything 52. And it is awful.

Under eyes black circles - because of them my person looks tired, the set of wrinkles and strange reddish spots, my skin doesn't shine as earlier, she as though is dead. Even lips look wrinkled".

In the first week the woman has noticed changes in an organism: intestines have begun to work better, urine has brightened, on skin heat-spots - sign that the organism has begun to get rid of toxins have developed.

Headaches have disappeared together with discomfort in joints which the woman tested in the mornings.

at the end of the second week tone of skin was considerably leveled, wrinkles under eyes haven't disappeared anywhere, but dark circles became less noticeable, spots on a face have decreased.

Headaches haven't returned, the stomach wasn't inflated as Sara thought, and on the contrary - became more flat. The husband has even given her a compliment: on hips he hasn't noticed any cellulitis.

After incident of the third week of an experiment dark circles and wrinkles under eyes have practically disappeared, skin looked "more live and saturated".

Sara has noticed that the dryness of eyes has disappeared - she has ceased to rub them in the mornings. The woman began to eat less. According to her, water helps to be sated quicker. Wrinkles became much less, and skin looked more elastic.

Here is how Sara looked at the end of the fourth week.

"I became other woman. Dark shadows around my eyes have almost disappeared, spots too. My skin almost same pink, as at the child.

Ya became more harmonious and it is tremendous because the only thing that I have changed in the food - it is amount of the consumed water". Now Sara advises

to each woman to do the same (after consultation with the doctor, of course). Only look at

on result! Unless it isn't surprising how enough water in day can change the person!

you have shaken too changes which have happened in appearance of the woman? Surely listen to her council to keep youth and health.

of Christina Zvarych.



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