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I have lost more than a third of weight: human rights activists have told about Balukh's condition

On Friday, August 24, representatives of "The Crimean human rights group" have published information on deterioration in health of the Kremlin prisoner Vladimir Balukh. For more than 100 days of a hunger strike the Ukrainian who is illegally condemned by invaders has lost weight more, than by 35 kilograms.

At the same time representatives of terrorist "prosecutor's office" claim that "the vital indicators of the convict are normal".

the Russian invaders say that Balukh allegedly doesn't want to explain them a reason for refusal of meal, and Putin criminals have decided to refuse consideration of a question of parole.

have adopted Such "resolution" in fake "Railway district court of Simferopol" on August 13.

It is known that Vladimir Balukh has been sentenced by pseudo-court for essentially Ukrainian position to three years and seven months of imprisonment in standard regime penal colony and also to a penalty at a rate of 10 free minima.

the 2017th the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has demanded to repeal on August 4 the inhuman resolution of pseudo-court in the occupied Crimea in the matter of Balukh and to stop his prosecutions.

But on July 5 "court" under control to the Russian Federation has sentenced Vladimir Balukh to 5 years of standard regime penal colony and a fine of 10 thousand rubles (about 4 thousand hryvnias) on set of two criminal cases.



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