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"I feel pettiness": the sister Sentsova about bureaucratic to hell with migration service

The sister of the Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov is Natalya Kaplan, can not get on an award of Sakharov with which awarded her brother. All because she had serious problems overlooking residence.

the Corresponding problem were described by activists in Facebook-сообществе Save Oleg Sentsov. do you Know

that such organized hypocrisy? When officials tell it how Ukraine fights for Oleg Sentsov's release, and in parallel let his sister through all circles of bureaucratic hell,

- is said in a note.

Activists report that the sister of Sentsov who is a citizen of the Russian Federation has problems with the State migration service of Ukraine. So, in the summer it could not arrive to the made appointment for the solution of a question with its documents as it had an important discussion concerning the brother.

"In the summer it could not arrive to the made appointment on record. Because it had in the same time a meeting of high level for discussion of business of the brother which, of course, just could not postpone. And then everything clogged (only do not laugh because it is not ridiculous) because it had no talonchik! Ponder, Oleg Sentsov's sister was forced to go to GMS and to stand from 5 in the morning in a queue in hope that someone from people with a talonchik will not come", - told in community.

In return, Kaplan commented on a situation too.

Every time, leaving GMS, I feel like the complete nonentity. To me it is very inconvenient before other foreigners who pass hell circles too, but nobody intercedes for them if he carries, they are just expelled from the country or they are forced to live in the status of illegal immigrants. If to me do not prolong documents, I will not be able to go to an award of Sakharov. More correctly, I will be able to go, but here back to Ukraine I will not be let any more,

- the political prisoner's sister noted.

She also noted that she has at all no desire to return to Russia. And in GMS for the solution of a bureaucratic problem to it in general recommended to live half a year in Belarus.

is known Now that received Kaplan's talonchik, and already on December 3 at it has to have an interview in GMS for extension of the residence permit.

"Let's make it a campaign and we will politely ask GMS to process all documents that on December 10 Natalya Kaplan could be in European Parliament for receiving an award of Sakharov!" - write in community Save Oleg Sentsov.

By the way, reacted to the message about Kaplan's problems with GMS the vice speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashenko. She noted that she did not know about the sister Sentsov's problems with documents and promised to help it.

"Thanks to all who support me in this unpleasant situation with GMS. It is very a shame to me and it is difficult to ask something. Plus to everything sense of guilt that I can cope with would not seem elementary things. According to documents I not Sentsov and not Kaplan (it is a pseudonym), and I do not want to be proud of a name of Oleg, it is wrong and it is not convenient", - the sister to a politzaklyucha added in the address



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