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Hvorostovsky's widow has arrived to Russia for execution of his last will

According to her, ashes of the famous singer will be divided into two parts. One of them will pass away in Moscow on New maiden. Another - on his homeland in Krasnoyarsk.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky's Widow has arrived to Russia especially for execution of the last will of the dead. On August 26 in Krasnoyarsk holding a charity concert in honor of his memory will take place.

of Florans has arrived to Russia together with both children of Hvorostovsky. This is Maxim and Nina. They have told that in a study of the husband and father yet nothing was touched because don't want to move the things surrounding the dead.

the Wife and Dmitry's children say that they get used to live without him. Флоранс has reported that the spouse dreams her every night.

They have got acquainted with it in Geneva in 1999. Флоранс has told that at her and Hvorostovsky it was love at first sight. The singer in one of an interview said too that when he has seen this woman, on him as if there has taken place electric discharge.

Florans has stopped after that own career of the singer. Now, after Hvorostovsky's death, the widow intends to continue his study charity.

the Son Maxim has told that in Krasnoyarsk it is already the third time and always misses the grandfather and the grandmother. He very much loves soccer, but, it isn't less of it, wants to sing.

Hvorostovsky's Death has come in London on November 22, 2017.



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