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Hundreds of children sink in pools because their parents look in phone

The real epidemic in Germany.

the German rescuers warn: children even more often sink because of carelessness of parents and their obsession mobile phones, The Guardian writes.

this year has drowned in Germany more than 300 people. Among them - 20 children aged up to 15 years, 40 girls and guys aged from 16 up to 25 years. To risk to be drowned in a reservoir also elderly people who swim away too far are exposed.

the German rescuers urge parents, grandfathers and grandmothers to postpone phone or the tablet far away when the child is in water:

"People perceive the pool as free kindergarten, forgetting to watch children. In the past parents, grandmothers and grandfathers spent more time with the children and grandsons in the pool.

Now adults hang in smartphones and don't even look around, paying attention to the child.

Is sad that today parents behave so scornfully". Rescuers accuse

of irresponsibility not only parents, but also an education system which doesn't provide visit by children of lessons of swimming. The state doesn't allocate money for it therefore pools are closed.

as a result grows up generation of the German citizens which isn't able to swim at all and doesn't know how it is correct to behave on water in extreme cases (for example when the spasm has grabbed). do you agree

with opinion of rescuers? How often you distract when your child is in water?

of Yuli Lazarenko.



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