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How to learn that your liver is crowded with toxins

It is known that the liver performs function of a peculiar filter of everything that comes to a human body and undertakes blow, cleaning your food from harmful toxins. Besides, the liver accumulates in itself A, D, E and K vitamins, synthesizes carbohydrates and fats, but over time it can be hammered and work worse and worse.

So far a liver did not refuse to perform the work at all and not late to correct everything, we advise to listen to the liver and to distinguish symptoms of overpopulation of a liver toxins.

If you feel unpleasant feelings at the top of a stomach - it can be dull ache or weight, urgently stop consuming greasy and fried food in such quantities and run to the doctor - your liver, as well as other bodies, it is time to clean properly. Junk food increases a liver in sizes that creates additional pressure upon next bodies.

If after meal appears weight in intestines, nausea, dizziness, then it is sign of problems with a liver. Besides, indicates appearance of pimples and a rash on skin problems with a liver, in particular - on cheeks.

Doctors report that signs full liver toxins is also constant weakness, fatigue and lack of appetite. One more sign - darkening of urine or unusually light kcal, so a liver also shows fatigue. Besides, if your skin constantly itches, it can indicate stagnation of bile.

Is constantly unclear from where bruises develop? Can you are simply inattentive, and you own a high pain threshold, and possibly your liver signals about need of unloading. There are no doubts in it if the swelled-up legs and muscle pain are added to the called symptoms.

Extreme option when it is necessary to run urgently to the doctor and to hope that everything will manage - when you, besides constant fatigue and weakness feel the discomfort in a stomach which is followed by the increased temperature. It means that in a liver inflammatory processes already began.



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