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How to improve a karma: 5 main ways

How to improve a karma: 5 main ways
Did you sometime have to hear a saying "what you will seed, you will reap"? The karma just also works to this principle: energy which you give is restored to you, writes the Kluber edition. We can't change

laws of the Universe, but at us in forces to do everything possible to correct a bad karma and to begin to radiate more positive vibrations in relation to the world around.

1. Ask forgiveness for those to whom you have hurt

Even without wishing it, quite often we tell offensive words to those who are really dear to us. People experience various emotions, and their opinions sometimes can strongly differ that can lead to misunderstanding and disputes.

Stop to accuse yourself if have hurt someone, and better just apologize to this person that each of you then could go the own way.

Perhaps, even that you will choose after that opposite directions, but the main thing - you will cease to test a negative to each other.

2. You give love to surrounding

Love to all who surround you, is also one of ways of correction of a karma. And nothing terrible that some people won't reciprocate to you no. First it can be very difficult, but it is worth it.

Besides, having opened the heart for other people, you will be able to help them that also to you will go to plus. It is difficult to love the foes, but it will allow you to clean conscience and to find in itself inexhaustible stocks of sincere energy. Only imagine

how our world would change if we just have begun to love each other without restrictions and conventions.

3. Stock up with patience
in the conditions of modern culture which is constructed on almost instant satisfaction of own requirements, much of us doesn't get patience both to itself, and to others.

If you find patience, at you it will turn out to change the karma and to become more human. Therefore during the conversation try to listen really to the interlocutor, but not just to wait for that moment when you are able to squeeze the word. will drop down

I to wait that life will bring all the benefits to you on a silver platter. Diligent work, preservation in themselves a positive spirit and the quiet relation to vital events are the key to clarification of a karma.

4. Learn lessons from own experience
Even from negative experience we are capable to learn valuable lessons that allows us to become smirenny. Not all experiences experienced by us happen positive, but we need to understand that we receive not what we wish from life, and the fact that it is really necessary for us. Try to remember

it next time when you appear in a difficult life situation. The feeling of gratitude which you feel irrespective of the endured circumstances promotes change of a bad karma.

5. You think positively

of the Thought of the person are a basis of everything that he builds during all life. Having adjusted on a positive harmony, you as a result will find чувс



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