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How to distinguish diabetes: symptoms and prevention

Today World day of fight against diabetes. The facts ICTV decided to remind how life of diabetics is difficult and also of the causes of a disease and its prevention.

Diabetes - a disease which develops owing to a shortcoming or lack of production of hormone of insulin which promotes removal from an organism of sugar (glucose).

according to doctors, diabetes - one of the most artful diseases as its early stages seldom are followed by painful feelings and not always have the expressed symptoms.

of the Cause
of Prichina can become infectious diseases (a rubella, herpes, parotitis) influence of toxins (pesticides, medicines).

Also one of fundamental factors is genetic predisposition (at people whose immediate family has such diagnosis, risk to ache increases from two to six times).

of Prichina can also become: age more than 40 years; abuse of alcohol; preference of high-calorific carbohydrate and greasy food; hormonal changes against the background of adrenal insufficiency; intake of some medicines (glucocorticosteroids, cytostatics, diuretics); a condition of a constant stress as at the same time the level of adrenergic hormones considerably increases. How to distinguish

of At least 25% of people, having diabetes, do not know about the disease. In due time to begin treatment and not to start a disease, it is necessary to know illness symptoms.

I first of all signs differ from types of diabetes - the first and its second stage.

Symptoms of diabetes of 1
Type 1 diabetes develops promptly and possesses pronounced manifestations.

Main symptoms: the increased appetite; loss of weight; constant fatigue; drowsiness; thirst; plentiful urination. The second type of diabetes - the most widespread and at the same time the most difficult in recognition.

the Disease proceeds slowly, and, despite a large number of possible symptoms, usually they are expressed poorly.

For type 2 diabetes are peculiar: dryness in a mouth and thirst; weight reduction; irritability; feeling of pricking in fingers, numbness of extremities; nausea; dry skin; long healing of wounds and grazes; elevated pressure. In time to distinguish a disease, it is necessary to do once a year blood test on the content of sugar. A normal indicator - 5.5 mmol/l.

As live diabetics?

Reality of diabetics is far from comfort - constant diets, acceptance of antihyperglycemic medicines and pricks of insulin.

to Patients needs to be measured glucose level in blood all the time to increase efficiency of control of a disease.

Now in Ukraine according to the program available drugs patients with type 2 diabetes can receive medicines gliclazide, metformin, glibenclamide.

Besides, diabetics should refuse many delicacies - candies, honey and also products containing glucose and fructose. You should not use also potatoes, pork, rice and



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