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How to choose the smartphone for the teenager: councils and recommendations

Among the huge range of mobile devices it is possible to find the option meeting various preferences and requirements and also equipped with the modern functions increasing device productivity.

in search of ideal model for the first grader it is necessary to follow the principle of minimalism and simplicity (in design, management, cost). But choosing the mobile phone for teenagers, it should be taken into account more requirements and rules. What has to be phone for the modern teenager, where to study the range of suitable options with the relevant prices and the specified characteristics?

the Size matters

Parameters of the mobile device - one of the main factors at the choice. Models with small displays have lost the popularity for a long time. They were succeeded by options with wide screens on which it is convenient to look through video files, photos, pictures, to play applications and to read books. Modern teenagers pay special attention to such class of mobile devices as smartphonetablets. models with larger diagonals have

the mass of advantages which not only school students can estimate. Oculists recommend to use such devices. Except a diagonal indicator, it is necessary to consider resolution of the display (on which the quality of the picture depends) and a viewing angle (at a view of the image sideways the saturation of color shouldn't change).

Unique characteristics
the Mobile device is not only the means of communication. The following functions and features will be pluses of a device:

• accurate camera;

• powerful loudspeakers;

• support of TV-broadcastings;

• possibility of control of the TV;

• repeated zoom.

Such functions considerably increase the cost of a mobile device. Among the budgetary options quite not easy to find options with numerous unique options. But existence of additional opportunities will allow to prolong the term of use of a gadget without need to change him for the new version.

Safety of the
Not less important criterion is extent of impact of radiation on an organism. This indicator is measured in SAR and is specified on a box from the mobile device or on the gadget. The majority of modern models have radiation degree no more than two. But some budgetary options possess higher rate which can be learned from the seller.

is important to explain Other details
Before purchase of the smartphone to the school student that the mobile device is, first of all, the means of communication. In spite of the fact that gadgets considerably facilitate process of training and life in general, they can also become the reason of isolation, nedosypaniye and bad notes.

Multipurpose smartphones are various on design, the sizes, color, productivity and amount of memory. And each of these parameters needs to be considered, choosing a gift for the teenager in the form of the mobile device. For example, the PRO 3GB/32GB Pink Xiaomi 4x model perfectly will be suitable for girls.



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